Magnesium IV Therapy

Magnesium IV Therapy

Benefits of magnesium infusions

Magnesium is an essential mineral important for strong bones, heart health and energy production.

Without enough magnesium people develop muscle cramps, mental disorders, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, and nausea.

True magnesium deficiency is rare. But even if you are not actually deficient in magnesium, you can still benefit from magnesium infusions.

How magnesium helps the body

Getting plenty of magnesium helps prevent many potential health problems including diabetes.

Other benefits include:

Magnesium is also required to produce an enzyme called DAO, which cleans up histamines. Reducing histamine levels is one way to treat seasonal allergy symptoms.

How much magnesium is enough?

Magnesium is a “micromineral” meaning it needs to be consumed in larger amounts.

Doctors recommend getting at least 100mg of magnesium every day.

Magnesium from food, drinks and supplements must make its way through your digestive system and is not fully absorbed.

Magnesium infusions go directly to the bloodstream for fast, full absorption so you know how much you are really getting.

Magnesium in IV treatments

Many of our IV treatments already include magnesium. Custom formulations are available, and we can add extra magnesium to any IV drip you choose. 

Accepted Payments for IV Therapy

We accept cash and most credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Our services are HSA (Health Savings Account) approved, so you can also pay that way. We do not accept insurance, but our costs are typically less than what you can expect to pay for an ER copay, without having to sit in a waiting room.