Detox Cleanse Vitamin Infusions

Detox Cleanse Vitamin Infusions

Kick Harmful Toxins to the Curb.

You have heard of juices cleanses and supplements to detoxify your body and eliminate fatigue. It sounds like a good solution, but it also means you will not be able to enjoy your favorite foods for a while. You do not really want to spend the next week hungry and cranky, but you do want to detox and clean out your system.

No problem. You can restore your health with a quick, easy IV detox cleanse.

Introducing fluids, electrolytes, and nutrients allows your natural detoxification system to eliminate the built-up toxins and make you feel healthy again. IV detox treatments absorb more quickly and effectively through your bloodstream than other types of cleanses.

Experience your optimum level of health.

Your body’s natural detoxification system neutralizes and filters out toxins to keep you healthy. Your liver, kidneys, lungs, and other organs eliminate unwanted substances. When your body’s detox system gets overwhelmed by harmful chemicals, it affects every cell in your body and makes you more susceptible to a variety of health problems:

Other detox cleanses and diets utilize special kinds of tea, juice, green smoothies, or supplements over the course of several days, leaving you hungry, tired, and cranky. Our quick and easy detox infusions, such as antioxidant vitamin shots, allow you to clean out your body’s detox system without spending a week on a diet where you can’t eat any of your favorite foods.

Intravenous detoxification assists your body’s natural process of eliminating toxins to help you reach your optimum level of health. IV detox therapy delivers nutrients directly to your cells through the bloodstream for maximum absorption. Along with promoting better health, our IV hydration treatments boost energy, strengthen your immune system, and even assist with weight loss.

Accepted Payments for IV Therapy

We accept cash and most credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Our services are HSA (Health Savings Account) approved, so you can also pay that way. We do not accept insurance, but our costs are typically less than what you can expect to pay for an ER copay, without having to sit in a waiting room.