IV Cold & Flu Infusion

IV Cold & Flu Infusion

Large 1000ml IV drip: $175

Beat a Cold or Flu Faster with IV Hydration

When you want to recover from cold and flu symptoms quickly, you need an easy, fast-acting treatment for pain, congestion, stomach upset and dehydration.

Our IV vitamin infusion for cold and flu is specially formulated with vitamin C  and other powerful ingredients to reduce symptoms, replenish fluids, balance electrolytes and provide essential nutrients so your body can heal itself.

What can IV therapy help with?

IV vitamin therapy helps you fight off & recover from all types of rhinovirus and influenza infections, from head colds and upper respiratory infections to the dreaded stomach flu.

Won’t I just fight it off on my own eventually?

While commonplace, colds should be taken seriously. Complications can lead to bronchitis, sinusitis, ear infections and pneumonia.

Protect yourself from invisible illness

You or someone around you could have a cold or flu infection without even knowing. Around 25% of people infected with a cold or flu virus never experience symptoms.

When one person gets sick, act fast to improve the health of your whole workplace, travel group, family or circle of friends with private group IV treatments.

Cold & Flu IV Drip Ingredients

How do you fight a virus naturally?

Different types of viruses can cause the flu, a cold or other illness. Some natural remedies can help ease symptoms and even shorten how long you are sick.

Get hydrated. Stay hydrated.

Hydration is always important – critically so when you are fighting a virus. Getting plenty of fluids is crucial whether the virus affects your stomach or your breathing.

Your body uses water to keep your airways (including your nose, mouth, and throat) moist, and keep any phlegm or mucous moving out so it does not build up. Drinking warm fluids like broth or tea can be especially helpful.

It is easy to get dehydrated when eating and drinking habits change. Running a temperature or experiencing digestive distress can make dehydration even worse.

Rest up.

Your body needs more rest than usual when fighting a virus. It is important to get plenty of sleep when you are sick, and to change your normal routines so you can rest more. It may seem like you are not “doing anything” to fight a virus, but sleep has been proven to boost the immune system.

For those who struggle to fall or stay asleep we offer a Soothing Sleep IV treatment to help.

Try a zinc supplement

Zinc is an important mineral for immune system support. Zinc helps your body produce more white blood cells to fight harmful pathogens.

Zinc has also been shown to not only help your body fight off a flu virus, but to slow the speed at which the virus multiplies in the body.

Our Cold & Flu IV Therapy and Immune Boost IV Drip both contain zinc, along with other helpful supplements.

Embrace humidity

Viruses may spread more easily in dry, indoor environments simply because they survive longer when humidity is low. Using a humidifier or breathing steam from warm water can help soothe symptoms and reduce virus transmission.

Eat thoughtfully

Eating small portions of easily digested food requires less energy than eating large meals, which means your body has more energy available to keep fighting the virus.

Some foods can upset your stomach and complicate digestion and should be avoided until your symptoms subside. Avoiding things like dairy, meats, spicy food, fried food, caffeine, high-fat food, and alcohol is a good idea whether you have a stomach or respiratory virus.


Vitamins & Supplements for Cold & Flu Relief

Our concentrated formulation of IV fluids with 11 powerful ingredients including Vitamin C, Zinc and Selenium will help knock out colds and the flu fast. 

Many common natural supplements have a reputation for warding off or fighting illness:

Vitamin D supplements have been shown to help prevent colds, shorten the length of a cold or flu, and even reduce the risk of a respiratory infection such as pneumonia.

Echinacea is an herb popular for its ability to help users get sick less often, provide relief from cold symptoms and help you get well faster.

Vitamin C has been studied for many years in relation to cold symptoms. While the jury’s still out on the ability of vitamin C supplements to treat a cold, high dose vitamin C treatments have been shown to shorten the length of your cold. IV treatments are the ideal way to deliver high doses of vitamin C directly into your bloodstream for fast and total absorption.

Taking probiotics or drinking kombucha will help restore beneficial bacteria in your gut, which is an important factor in immune system health. Oregano oil is also believed to have a strong antiviral effect.

Some people who take antibiotics for a cold or flu feel better at first because antibiotics can be anti-inflammatory. However, the negative effect of antibiotics on the good bacteria living in your digestive tract can wind up making you feel worse.

When you need relief quickly, add an anti-nausea boost or an anti-inflammatory boost to any treatment to target troublesome symptoms. Staying hydrated and preventing vitamin deficiencies is one of the ways IV therapy can treat pain from illness, injury, or chronic conditions. IV therapy is also a natural and effective way to reduce seasonal allergy symptoms.

Does IV therapy work for a cold?

Yes, it does! IV therapy sends essential fluids and nutrients directly to your cells, giving your body the fuel it needs to fight off a cold. Check out our vitamin drip reviews where our customers share in their own words how IV therapy helped them get over stubborn symptoms even when nothing else worked.

Do IV fluids help with the flu?

Flu symptoms including fever and nausea can quickly lead to dehydration, making you feel worse by the hour. It can be hard to drink enough water to stay hydrated when you are vomiting or simply too weak to make the effort. IV hydration takes your stomach out of the equation, rehydrating your body where you need it most so you can fight off a nasty flu in record time.

Cold and Flu Symptoms

How do you know whether you have a cold or the flu? With so many overlapping symptoms, it can be hard to tell without going to the doctor.

A cold usually lasts a week, and you are contagious for the first two to three days. If your symptoms last longer than a week and do not appear to be improving, you may need antibiotics for a bacterial infection. Cold symptoms include:

  • Sore throat
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Sneezing
  • Congestion
  • Cough
  • Possibly a slight fever

Flu symptoms are usually more severe and come on suddenly. The flu may last anywhere from a few days to weeks. Most symptoms improve slowly over two to five days. These include:

IV treatments help relieve cold & flu symptoms quickly.

  • Sore throat
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Headache
  • Muscle aches and soreness
  • Congestion
  • Cough
  • Fatigue

Whatever you have, you are probably feeling tired and miserable, and over-the-counter cold and flu medications only do so much. If you find yourself feeling early symptoms of a cold or the flu, or your cold or flu won’t seem to go away, our IV fluids packed full of vitamins will reduce your symptoms and help you recover faster.

Upset stomach making it difficult to get enough fluids? IV hydration to the rescue! We have an anti-nausea add-on boost and other options to customize your treatment.

How Dehydration Increases Your Risk of Catching a Cold or Flu

Hydration is extra important when you are sick. Your body loses a lot of fluid through the symptoms of a cold or flu, and not eating and drinking properly means you are not replacing important water and nutrients. Your cells, which are mostly made of water, are spending all their energy trying to fight off the sickness, and they are running out of ammo.

The symptoms of dehydration can include dizziness, weakness, mental fog, and rapid heartbeat (to name a few), making you feel sick.

Chronic dehydration can also make you more susceptible to the next cold or flu virus making its way around your office, daycare, or grocery store. Your body uses water to flush out toxins, maintain an optimal blood volume, fight inflammation, and keep your systems balanced.

When you aren’t getting enough fluids on a regular basis your electrolyte balance can be off, and you can be more vulnerable to viral infections.
Stay hydrated and stop your next cold or flu before it starts with regular IV hydration treatments. We offer package pricing discounts on all our treatments, and you can also bring a friend and both enjoy a lower cost.

10 Home Remedies for Cold, Flu, and Cough Relief

Don’t wait it out. Feel better faster with IV therapy.

Along with IV hydration therapy, you may want to try some home remedies to relieve cold, flu, and cough symptoms.

  1. Natural Cold Remedies

Taking zinc, vitamin C, and Echinacea may reduce symptoms.

  1. Hot Shower

Take a warm shower and make it into your own personal sauna.

  1. Steam Tent

You can accomplish the same thing with a pot of boiled water. Bring the water to a boil and take it off the heat. Then drape a towel over your head to make a tent. Lean over the water with your eyes closed and breathe deeply through your nose for about 30 seconds.

  1. Warm Compress

Place a warm, moist compress or washcloth on your forehead, nose, or cheeks. It has a similar effect to steam.

  1. Nasal Irrigation or Spray

Use a bulb syringe or netipot to clear out your nasal cavity, or try a salt water or decongestant nasal spray.

  1. Soup

Most people’s go-to remedy: sip some hot chicken soup. Add some garlic for added benefits.

  1. Spices

If your digestion is not affected, you can try adding spices like garlic, ginger, chili peppers, and horseradish to help reduce congestion.

  1. Gargle

Gargle salt water to clear out mucus in your throat.

  1. Try and relax

Make rest a priority, even if you think you are too busy to take a break. Pushing yourself could have the opposite effect and keep you feeling sick longer.

  1. Stay Hydrated!

As always, drink plenty of fluids. When you are severely dehydrated, IV infusions are the fastest way to give your body the fluid, electrolytes, and nutrients it needs to recover. 

Once you are healthy again, getting plenty of sleep, exercise and eating non-processed foods will help decrease your risk of getting sick next time. Regular IV hydration treatments are also a good way to support overall health, and you can save with package pricing options from Boost.

How to Avoid Getting Sick from Flying

Dry air, stress and close proximity to other passengers put air travelers at a high risk of getting sick.

Reduce your chances of catching an airplane cold with these tips:

  • Use disinfecting wipes to clean your tray table, armrests, and other surfaces you touch during the flight
  • Avoid aisle seats—they are touched more often and carry more germs
  • Sanitize your hands after using the restroom
  • Avoid alcohol (which dehydrates you further) and sip water or fruit juice instead
  • Bring relaxing music or a favorite movie to help relieve travel-related stress

Whether you’re flying solo or traveling with a group, IV therapy before and after you fly will give you an edge over airplane colds (and jet lag). Treat yourself, or better yet book a group IV treatment for everyone you’re traveling with.

Boost Your Immune System and Prevent Sickness

Getting better fast is all well and good, but what is even better is not getting sick in the first place. When you notice everyone around you getting sick, it’s time to visit our Vitalize Infusion clinic for an IV therapy immune system boost or a general hydration wellness treatment. We even offer flu shots! Keep your immune system healthy and hold the germs at bay.

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