Biotin IV drips & injections

Biotin IV drips & injections

Large 1000ml IV drip: $175

Enhance memory, clear brain fog, increase focus & clarity! Great before The BIG TEST!

IV hydration therapy with essential nutrients and taurine improves concentration, attention & working memory.

Your ability to think clearly affects every aspect of your life, yet it can be compromised by demanding circumstances, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, or the effects of aging.

Just 30 minutes in our spa-like hydration clinic is all it takes to clear the brain fog and restore your focus.

Book your appointment and relax while you and your group enjoy an energizing Brain Boost IV treatment at our Vitalize Infusion clinic. You will increase mental stamina and clarity by giving your mind what it needs to thrive.

IV therapy to improve your ability to concentrate.

What supplements help with focus and concentration?

Taurine is added to ensure critical brain and retinal functions. This organic acid is a powerful antioxidant also known to help soothe anxiety.

Nourishing vitamins and minerals, including vitamins B and C, help stimulate and balance neurotransmitters, the brain chemicals responsible for communicating information throughout your system.

Add extra vitamin C and other add-on boosts to any IV treatment or discuss your goals with our doctor for a customized formula to help improve mental performance.

Brain Boost IV ingredients

How to Boost Concentration at Work

Being more productive and making more money at work starts with improving your ability to concentrate. Simple ways to focus better and work more effectively include:

  • Put your smartphone out of sight and you will instantly work better without the distraction
  • Take control of email interruptions by adjusting notification settings
  • Keep a potted plant in your workspace and benefit from extra oxygen
  • Get plenty of shuteye to maximize your attention span the next day
  • Curb caffeine and stay hydrated at work for optimum brain performance

IV hydration for work groups is an easy and relaxing way to give your team an edge. The medical professionals at the Vitalize Infusion Center administer vitamin infusions and IV therapy in offices and workplaces throughout the Metro Phoenix area. Book your private party IV treatment today and everyone benefits from improved workplace wellness!

How IV hydration fuels higher functions

Your brain, like the rest of you, is mostly water. To function optimally, your neurons require a balance between water and all the other nutrients and chemicals involved in brain function. When you get dehydrated this balance is disrupted and your mental processes immediately become less efficient.

Hydration therapy delivers replenishing fluids directly to the cells of your body and brain so they can function at their best.

Over time, chronic dehydration can cause fatigue, reduced cognitive function, mood swings, and a whole host of negative physical effects. Protect your health and revive your mental alertness with safe, easy hydration treatments.

Brain Fog Symptoms

Brain fog happens to everyone at some point or another. A temporary spell of forgetfulness or confusion is common, especially when physical and emotional stresses are running high. But chronic brain fog is not just part of being human or growing older—it’s a sign you need to take action so you can feel like yourself again.

Do any of the statements below sound familiar?

  • You know you are an intelligent person, but lately you’ve been struggling with cognitive performance.
  • You have a vague sense of needing to recall something but are unable to “punch through”.
  • You feel exhausted by complex mental tasks, like when you have a bad flu.
  • Your baseline state is often tired, distracted, irritable, or just not feeling like yourself.

Brain fog is common, but it is definitely not normal. IV hydration therapy with Brain Boost supports your body and brain to give you the power you need to break through.

3 Fundamental Habits for Peak Mental Performance and Energy

You can fight the symptoms of mental fatigue and feel like yourself again by restoring a healthy balance to your life. For best results, do not try to overhaul your lifestyle in one day. Start by making one change and sticking with it for a week or two, then moving on to the next. Even incremental changes will add up over time. Go at your own pace, and your brain will reward you for your efforts!

  1. Get moving. Regular exercise delivers multiple benefits for your body and your brain. It relieves stress and releases natural endorphins to improve your mood and energy levels.
  2. Rest up. Getting plenty of quality sleep is imperative if you want to be at your best. Running on empty makes it harder to manage your diet and emotions and can upset your hormone balance.
  3. Eat clean. Processed foods, refined sugar, and artificial sweeteners are harmful to your physical and mental health. Drink plenty of fresh water every day, and make sure your diet includes a balance of protein, healthy fat, and fresh produce so you can look and feel your best!

Brain Boost IV therapy supplements your healthy lifestyle choices and supports optimum brain function. We also offer the Good Mood Boost vitamin therapy injections for those days when you need a quick pick me up to keep you on track. Is jet lag causing mental lags? Treat yourself to Jet Lag Relief IV therapy to counter the mental and physical stress of air travel.

Accepted Payments for IV Therapy

We accept cash and most credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Our services are HSA (Health Savings Account) approved, so you can also pay that way. We do not accept insurance, but our costs are typically less than what you can expect to pay for an ER copay, without having to sit in a waiting room.