Athletic Prep IV Hydration

Athletic Prep IV Hydration

Large 1000ml IV drip: $175 Small 250mL drip $100

Take pre-hydration to the next level with IV fluids & vitamins

Before exercising outdoors, make sure you are properly hydrated.

Every exercise enthusiast knows the importance of hydration for athletes. Runners, cyclists, swimmers, jumpers, throwers, divers & lifters are always ready with a boost of fluids & electrolytes before an intense practice or competition.

When it matters most, choose IV hydration, and give yourself an edge.

When you drink water and sports drinks there is a limit to how quickly and how much your digestive system can absorb.

IV therapy for athletes sends the fluids and nutrients directly to your bloodstream for faster and more effective results.

Grab your teammates, your friends or anyone you break a sweat with and book a private group IV treatment at our spa-like hydration clinic.

We also offer a Bring a Friend rewards program so you can share the benefits and save!

Athlete Prep IV Drip ingredients

For an easy boost of hydration and energy before a big competition, stop in for an IV drip full of fluids, electrolytes and 11 key vitamins. Our fast, simple 30-minute treatment before your big competition will make sure you are fully hydrated to go the distance and have all the nutrients you need for your best performance.

After you’ve won, come on back for our Fitness Recovery IV hydration treatment to prevent electrolyte deficiency and promote muscle recovery.

What is pre-hydration?

Pre-hydration is planning ahead for optimal hydration when you have a long run, race, intense workout, game or other sporting event. Pre-hydration ensures proper hydration when you need it most and gives your body enough time to process the fluids, you are taking in.

IV therapy is the perfect pre-hydration method for athletes, delivering the extra fluid, electrolytes & nutrients you need with complete absorption.

Why is it so important to hydrate before you exercise?

Of course, drinking water during exercise and recovery is important, but most people do not realize what a difference it can make when you are properly hydrated before you begin to work out.

‘Pre-hydration’ is proving to be important for both endurance and performance, especially when it is hot out.

Start your race on the right foot by pre-hydrating with our Athlete Prep IV treatment.

If you are optimally hydrated when you begin to exercise, your body has reserves to draw from when you start to lose water through sweat. Being well-hydrated also means your blood volume is at max, which helps your heart and cardiovascular system work efficiently and helps your muscles dissipate heat more effectively.

When athletes train hard for an upcoming race, game, or competition, it can be hard to rehydrate properly after every single sweat session. You may not even realize you are slightly dehydrated at the beginning of your next workout. But your body will feel the effects, which translate into lower endurance and strength.

Rather than chugging lots of extra water the day before a big game (which can backfire if you overdo it), keep your system perfectly hydrated and balanced with an IV hydration session. Our Athlete Prep IV treatment is specially formulated for athletes, runners and anyone going the extra mile.

How to hydrate before a race

In the days leading up to your event, whether it is a long run or a big game, it is important not to let your body get severely dehydrated in the first place. Drink plenty of fluids daily, monitor your urine color and listen to your body. You want to see a pale-yellow color to your urine. Not clear and not dark.

The day before the race, drink an extra glass or two of water. Be careful not to over-hydrate. Overdrinking water can dilute electrolyte levels and make you feel tired. You will also want to avoid caffeine and alcohol before a race because they are diuretics and can also cause poor sleep.

IV hydration is a fast and easy way to ensure proper hydration and prevent electrolyte imbalance. Just relax in our spa-like hydration clinic and visualize crossing the finish line.

IV therapy is perfect for hydrating before a:

  • Marathon or half-marathon
  • Long run or bike ride
  • Flight (IV therapy also helps with jet lag after your flight) Try our Traveler Immunity Infusion!
  • Hike
  • Tournament
  • Outdoor event or job
  • Baseball, football, or soccer game
  • Tennis match

Experienced athletes know the importance of hydrating before you exercise.

Whether you are working out or hard at work, give your body the fluids and essential nutrients it needs to stay in balance so you can be at your best.

Best Pre-Workout Drinks and Snacks

Nutrition for athletes needs to be taken seriously. Any pre-workout drink or snack must contain the nutrients and energy required to satisfy any athlete’s diet, every day of the week.

Staying healthy while working out is more than just drinking the best electrolyte drink. Satisfying your cravings while replenishing the proper amount of energy you need for bodybuilding or weight loss is as simple as picking the right snacks and drinks for your workout.

Best Pre-Workout Meals for Energy

The best pre-workout food is anything that supplies your body with the energy it will need to bounce back from your exercise.

Knowing what to eat pre-workout comes down to knowing what snacks and drinks great suppliers of energy are. Take at least an hour before any time spent exercising to eat at least 45 grams of carbs.

Bread is one of the top pre-workout foods you can have. Pair a slice of whole wheat bread with your favorite peanut butter, and you will be running in no time. If you are looking for something new, consider a mix of cottage cheese and sliced grapes for an energy boost before you hit the gym. For an energy drink, try a smoothie made of fruits and soy milk. Remember to give your body time to digest your pre-workout snacks and drinks so you are ready to use all your energy as effectively as possible.

Best Pre-Workout Meals for Bodybuilding

Protein shakes and organic foods rich in fiber and nutrients are always going to be your best choices when it comes to building muscle. Foods such as peanut butter, bananas, beef jerky, and apples are perfect for your bodybuilding needs as they keep your body fueled and healthy. Trail mix, any fruits, and low-fat cheeses are some of your best options for pre-workout snacks.

When you are selecting your protein shakes, be very selective in your final choice. Some protein drinks have been found to contain toxic metals that can be hazardous to your health. Arsenic, lead, and cadmium have all been detected in protein drinks bought by consumers. When investing in your health and bodybuilding efforts, consider taking time to look for a new source of protein in the form of high-quality whey protein shakes.

Beyond providing your body with the best pre-workout snacks and drinks available, it is important that you keep your body properly hydrated for any type of workout.

Our IV hydration treatments give your body the ability to efficiently maintain your body temperature, moisturize your skin, and transport oxygen and nutrients to all your cells.

Best Pre-Workout Meals for Weight Loss

When it comes to your goal of losing weight, it is important to understand the power of fasting. We are not saying starve yourself, but for optimum weight loss, try ditching or minimizing snacks and drinks before your workout. Get up an hour earlier than usual every day and give yourself time to exercise before you eat anything.

After or during your early morning, breakfast-free workout you might feel weak, tired, or dizzy, but the sacrifice is worth it. You see, all fat burning processes taking place in your body are controlled by a nervous system activated by exercise and lack of food. The science behind your morning workout without any snacks or drinks essentially means you will maximize your fat burning potential.

If you are following a healthy diet, your new break-of-dawn routine will only benefit your goal of losing weight. Give your metabolism an additional boost with regular IV hydration treatments. Or schedule an appointment after your long day at work to get a B-12 injection for a refreshing energy and mood boost that’ll leave you feeling prepared for tomorrow.

Strawberry Smoothie Popsicle Pre-Workout Snack

Get the best of both worlds with this Strawberry Smoothie Popsicle Snack! This recipe makes it easy to get the hydration and nutrients you need from a pre-workout drink without the extensive prep or accidental spills. Great for any time of the year, this fun and easy to make recipe will help give you the energy you need for your workout.

What You Will Need

  • 1 ½ cup of Organic Strawberries
  • ½ cup of Low-Fat Milk
  • 1 teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
  • ½ cup of Ice
  • 8-10 Popsicle Sticks
  • A Popsicle Mold


Combine strawberries, milk, vanilla extract, and ice in a blender and blend until smooth. Pour your pureed mixture of fruity hydrating goodness into Popsicle molds. Place your Popsicle sticks in, sticking up, and put in your freezer for about 60 minutes or until frozen. Once your pre-workout snack is done, take it out of its mold an hour before you exercise and enjoy your healthy energy boost!


Your Strawberry Smoothie Popsicle Pre-Workout Snack is hydrating and contains one of the best sources of antioxidant-promoting Vitamin C. The strawberries in your snack also contain dietary fibers, potassium, vitamin B6, and biotin. If you have ever wondered what to eat pre-workout, your body will be thanking you for adding this snack/drink fusion to your diet.

Accepted Payments for IV Therapy

We accept cash and most credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Our services are HSA (Health Savings Account) approved, so you can also pay that way. We do not accept insurance, but our costs are typically less than what you can expect to pay for an ER copay, without having to sit in a waiting room.